Jeromy Condon Photo
Jeromy Condon
Web Developer & Creative Designer

Who Am I? Well, I’m a creative fella and lifelong learner. I enjoy being tasked with a problem and then solving it by creating something from nothing. I’m a self starter. I put my head down and get work done. I am a leader and motivator. I am quirky, lighthearted, and funny. I like a good challenge. I love technology. I love learning. I can succeed in most any situation. Everything I do, I do with creative flair. I have boundless energy and drive when it comes to completing tasks. I see jobs through to completion. I know how to balance work and life. I am an artist. I am a thinker. I am a mentor. I am a creator.

What do I do? I design and program websites and other creations with code. I can lead a team or work solo with great success. I wear many hats, and thrive when given a task that requires me to learn. I have managed creative assets for many large and small companies. In addition to web programming I can edit video, manipulate photos, create graphics and designs, build user interfaces, troubleshoot problems, and communicate effectively. I have a deep knowledge of account management, project management, time management, and the like. I am the person who can manipulate technology to bring results to any business.

Why should you hire me? Finding the right person to manage your online presence can be a delicate endeavor. You need someone who is adaptable and flexible, ready to tackle and tame the newest technologies as they come along. I work well with a team, and am the type of person who likes to generate ideas and build on the ideas of others. I do not need constant supervision to stay motivated. As a business owner, I am no stranger to long hours nor difficult situations. As a versatile employee I am able to cover those in need and offer my assistance when the situation warrants it. I work tirelessly toward success.